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Institutional Acquisitons / Collections / Commissions
1991        UBS Bank, New York Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt Stadt Liestal
1993        Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern
               Collection Ciba-Geigy
               Collection Regio Bank, Liestal
               Collection City of Freiburg, Germany
               Collection City of Weil am Rhein, Germany
1994        Collection National Versicherung, Basel
1995        Commissioned Fasade Design,
               Ciba-Geigy, Basel Collection Ciba-Geigy
1996        Collection National Versicherung,
               Basel Glass Design concept winner for competition of
               the Kantonal Bank in  the Birs Commercial Center Laufen BL
               Commission for entrance of the Main Library of Ciba-Geigy
               (now Novartis), Basel
1997        Art Concept for the Market Square of the City of Lörrach, Germany
1998        Commissioned Staircase Concept for Novartis Pharma Division City of Basel
               Commission for Entrance Hall of The Biozentrum Research Center 
               Competition winners for a new Baptist Chapel Art Concept in Basel
               Winner of competition for entrance Lobby of Novartis,
               Crap Protection Division
1999        Commissioned Artwork for Novartis Crop Pratection
               Conference Room
               Commissioned Art concept for Dreiländer Volksbank
               entrance in Lörrach, Germany
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