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Institutional Acquisitons / Collections / Commissions
2000        Commissioned Artwork for Publicitas Headquarters in Basel
               Co-winners for Art Concept at new head-quarters building for
               Coop Versicherung in Bottmingen BL
2001        Commissioned far Artistic Concept far The 15th European
               Congress of Obstetrics and Genecology in the Basel Muba
               Conference Center Invited by the City of New York for an Art
               in Public Competition for a new High-School of Architecture (2nd Prize)
               Hoffman-La Roche Pharma AG artwork acquisition
               Baselland Kantonal Bank Artwork acquisition for new affiliate
               in Sissach, BL
2002        Winners of Art Competition for Bank Trafina, Basel 2nd Prize
               for Architecture Competition "Neubau Kuppel und Neugestaltung“
               Parkanlage" with Architects Flubacher, Nyfeler and Landscape
               Architects Fahrni und Britenfeld,         
               Basel One year long Exhibition in the Galeriehotel Teufelhof,
               Basel La Roche Pharma AG "Window of Art" Exhibit, Basel 
               "Communication and Art" Exhibit at Com. Factory Agency in Basel
2004        Portes Ouvertes Artist discussion with Japanese Architect
               Fumiko Gotö Palazzo, Liestal 25th Anniversary show
               "Collaboration in Art' Exhibit for new Capgemini Consulting
               office at The Messe Turm (28th Floor), Basel
2005        Portes Ouvertes '05
2006        Jubiläumsaustellung des Kunstvereins Weil am Rhein
2008        Regionale 9, Stapfelhaus, Kunstverein Weil am Rhein
2009        Projekt Gelterkinden Mobilmachen
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